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On Sun Talk for May 28, 2012

Here we go again! In case you're wondering, I only work Sun-Thurs, so I don't get to watch the Friday Sun shows. Not to mention that they don't produce new ones on the weekend. Guess that's the vaunted right-wing work ethic. They might bitch about unions, but when it comes to something like a weekend, which unions got for us, they're totally cool with taking it.

Daily Brief

Ted Opitz -- y'know, the Con MP whose election was nullified by a court -- was on, trying to defend his appeal of the court decision to the SCoC. Here's my thing: Opitz has every right to appeal. That's the process; and, since the whole issue is about technical details of process, I don't think anyone can reasonably deny the man the use of a part of that process.

However, Opitz didn't argue that point. Instead, he tried to argue that nullifying the election would disenfranchise all the people who voted for him. Memo to Ted: dude, that's just first-past-the-post. If Wrzesnewskyj actually won, then, yes, technically, everyone who didn't vote for him wasted their time in voting. And?

Second memo to Ted: dude, if you didn't win, then you're disenfranchising all the people who voted for Wrzesnewskyj by staying in office. Why doesn't that bother you?


Michael Coren likes to end his show with a segment he calls "Corenucopia" (which doesn't even work, as the "en" adds an extra syllable), where he presents some weird or unusual story. There was certainly a cornucopia of bullshit in last night's show, though. Is that the truly weird bit? That someone this uninformed and logically deficient gets to go on TV and spew his nonsense?

Here's one: it's, apparently, religious indoctrination for a professor to pressure Catholic students to critically examine their religious beliefs. No, seriously, he said that.

Here's another: it's bigotry to point out that Catholics are bigots when they oppose same-sex marriage, but it's not bigotry to oppose same-sex marriage, as long as you're nice when you say it. He said that, too.

Third one: Coren agrees with author David Cohen that "liberal" ideals are best served by "conservative" policies. (Scare-quoted because they actually mean something more like "social democratic" and "socon libertarian", respectively.) One such ideal is equality, which is currently being decimated by the policies of our Conservative government. Counter-examples are apparently not worth mentioning in Coren's world....

News Update

In Krista Erickson's world, Thomas Mulcair raising concerns about the development of Western resources is "bashing" the Western economies. The fact is that AB Premier Redford and SK Premier Wall (ignoring BC Premier Clark, who isn't going to be Premier much longer, and MB Premier Selinger who at least seems to understand the point) are screwing over their provinces, by letting foreign -- principally, American -- companies extract resources and take the overwhelming majority of the wealth home; screwing over the rest of Canada, by turning us into a precarious resource economy, rather than a stable mixed-economy; and screwing over the world, by allowing extraction, and thus burning, of resources which will accelerate climate change and further poison our air and water.

But, y'know, if you point any of that out, it's "bashing". Honestly, what is with these people? First Christy Clark calls Mulcair "goofy", now people say he's "bashing" them. Did no one actually graduate from high school?


I'm not really going to bother with Mark Bonokoski's opening "editorial", where he rambled on about how he's morally superior because he never drew EI, even when he could, and thus no one else should be able to draw it, unless he thinks it's acceptable. It's much more fun to point out how stupid he is when it comes to transgender rights.

Bonokoski went on and on about how it's somehow bigoted to support transgendered people's right to determine their own gender identity. Apparently, this is part of the homosexual agenda (really, someone should start a newsletter or something with that title, then sue if people like this claim the "Homosexual Agenda" said something it didn't). His big example was of a transgender woman who wanted to use the women's changing facilities and showers at a healthclub, and the women objected. No, really. It's bigoted to say that since you identify as a woman, you should be able to use the women's facilities.

This was followed by the lovely suggestion that the real reason people are transgendered is that they have some sort of mental illness. Really. And the reason given was that not every transgendered person is happier after sex-reassignment surgery. No, really, that's the argument.

And this was capped off with a claim that transgendered people are such a small fraction of the population that it's really not worth worrying about their interests and needs. Yet, it was worth an entire segment smearing and dismissing their concerns.

Ya gotta laugh at these people, or else you might start taking them seriously.


So, Brian Lilley tried to revive the Yellow Menace last night. Apparently, the Chinese are doing something nefariously anti-Western by... investing in lots of Canadian companies. Because nothing says "we hate the West" like "hey, make a bunch of money for us, please".

The meat of the show was a totally incoherent attempt at an argument -- it's not even a bad argument, just mush -- where Lilley stated that the government was trying to control our lives and remove our freedom of religion because of such nefarious initiatives as schools trying to socialize children, regulating water heaters, and requiring the publicly-funded Catholic schools allow gay-straight alliances.

At no point did Lilley notice that the federal government is trying to control our lives by forcing us into lower-paying, more distant jobs through the gutting of the EI system. Because, you see, he agrees with that, so it's an acceptable form of social control.

I'd have a lot more respect for this line -- and might consider it a real argument -- if Lilley could manage a little consistency. Either you're against the government getting involved in people's private lives, or you're for it (possibly under a set of independent conditions). You can't just be against it when it negatively affects you, and for it when it doesn't. That's completely self-serving and not worthy of the slightest further consideration.

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