Friday, May 25, 2012

On Sun Talk for May 24, 2012.

I'm not sure what was up with the Sunites yesterday. I mean, they all went through the motions, but it really seemed -- to me, at any rate -- like their hearts just weren't in it.

Daily Brief

Perfect example. This was the least Con-friendly Daily Brief to my memory. A discussion of pork-barrelling by government MPs with someone from the odious Canadian Taxpayers Federation -- oh, and, memo to the CTF: I'm a Canadian taxpayer, and you don't represent me; so who, exactly, do you speak for? And an interview with Borys Wrzesnewskyj on a judge invalidating the Etobicoke-Centre election. Which, to be fair, did fall into the Conservative-friendly frame of "it's all Elections Canada's fault!", but that's pretty thin stuff.

So, yeah. No real issues for me here.


You'd think Michael Coren wouldn't disappoint me. But, he kinda got schooled by Sandy Hudson of the Canadian Federation of Students -- he couldn't even condescend to her properly -- and then there was a lot of nonsense about civility and "riot culture" and the sort of pseudofascist paint-by-numbers that Coren usually doesn't stoop to. (His stupidity is more sophisticated than that.)


And the trend continues! Bonokoski tried to hard to keep scaremongering about the mentally ill in relation to Vincent Li, but he completely botched it by inviting on Chris Summervile, the CEO of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada. I don't think Bonokoski really knew what hit him when Summerville accused the Sun generally of allowing prejudice and hatred against the mentally ill to be spread on their network, in their newspapers and on their websites. And then he called Bonokoski ignorant to boot.

We should send the guy a fruit basket or something. If you can find the clip somewhere, it was freaking classic. Summerville completely smacked the taste out of his mouth.

News Updates

They actually featured Tim Hudak, who is apparently running to be Premier of Alberta. Why else would he go to Calgary and talk about how the oilsands are wonderful for Ontario?

Ontario PCs, seriously: you can do better than this guy.


More paint-by-numbers. Blah blah, CBC wasting money. This was actually more incoherent than Brian Lilley's usual blathering. The CBC is bad, you see, because they're using their status as a large broadcaster to set up (online) services which compete with private (radio, TV) companies. This includes a deal with Sirus XM satellite radio (a small private radio company). And that's bad because there's so many services available through private companies (if you're willing to pay through the nose and get a terrible service and/or don't live in Canada).

Yeah. It was that bad. And even Lilley got schooled, this time by lawyer Gail Davidson when trying to scaremonger about Omar Khadr. Davidson, who actually knows what the law says, pointed out that Khadr really can't be kept out indefinitely, and the longer he's out, the more compensation he'll likely win. And Lilley tried to talk over her, and she wouldn't have it, and he looked like even more of a tool than usual.

Oh, and, apparently Peggy Nash is a former "union boss". This came up during a discussion of the Cons' gutting of EI. It's really a lovely smear of a term; but, remember, Lilley's the same guy who whines whenever anyone says anything nasty about "corporate bosses", like Mitt Romney.

Not a good night for them, overall. It's says something when even the Conservative shills are getting tired of shilling.


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