Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Exit, stage left.

Breaking my hiatus briefly to request removal from Progressive Bloggers. The name is just a little too ironic for my tastes.

And, no, I'm not going to engage with the very silly arguments being advanced in favour of the mods' recent actions. I have better things to do.

Anyone got any other aggregators they could suggest? Blogging Dippers is long dead. Others?


Scott @ Prog Blog said...

As you wish. And the arguments aren't silly on our end. The call for censoring someone on a sensitive topic whose position isn't what the absolutists demand IS silly though.. and censoring on someone is as anti-progressive as one can get.

ADHR said...

Oh, honestly. You're not this stupid, Scott.

I never called for censoring anyone. Even characterizing Fern's call as "censorship" is silly. What she asked for was that a private group with a certain ideological alignment not provide someone with a platform -- someone who, in her view, did not fit that alignment.

It is in no sense censorship to refrain from giving someone a private platform. And it's not anti-progressive to say that some views are beyond the pale and should not be supported with such a platform.

Now, I can see the "let truth and falsehood grapple" argument. I don't agree with it, but I can see it as at least sensible. What isn't sensible is the way you're treating Fern and her views.

Using your mod status to advocate that your view on a topic dominate -- and that your view on an individual person should be promulgated -- is as anti-progressive as it gets.

Your use of the terms "sensitive topic" and "absolutists" shows that you still don't get it, so let me be very clear. My problem isn't that Gordie et al have a platform here. I don't like it, but I can sort of see some basis for keeping them around.

My problem is that you chose, and continue to choose, to ridicule Fern and her views, while explicitly endorsing the "non-absolutist" view. (And doing it under a quickly-exposed pseudonym, no less.)

If you can't separate your own views on a topic from your duties as a mod, you should have recused yourself completely and left it in the hands of others.

William Hayes said...

It was a good decision to remove your blog from Progressive Bloggers.

Progressives focus on outcomes. Your dismissal of consequentialism means that your focus is on something else--but what?

Once you answer that question, you will know where to put your blog.

ADHR said...

I remember a time when trolling took talent, and a certain amount of verve. This is just a pathetic shadow.