Monday, January 30, 2012

On Rob Ford's failure.

It's been a great joy over the past few weeks to watch Rob Ford slowly losing his grip.

On Toronto, that is, not reality. (Although the latter is becoming questionable.)

During the election, nearly everyone arguing against Ford had insisted that he would find it next to impossible to get his agenda through council, given his history of being unable to work with, well, anyone and general ignorance of, well, everything. And immediately after the election, as he won vote after vote -- Transit City, gone! Vehicle Registration Tax, cut! -- Fordites were busily telling us we were all wrong and this would be a transformational mayor.

One has to wonder where all those people have gone.

We've seen Ford defeated at the budget. To be fair, a mostly cosmetic issue, as the budget is still largely shaped by his ideology. But an unusual defeat for a Toronto mayor, and a defeat that shows his inability to muster votes when he needs them.

We've also seen Ford lieutenants -- including Councillor Mammoliti, of all people! -- publicly disagreeing with his (insane, stupid, ignorant) transit plan. Even after a public backlash from the mayor's office, and Metrolinx demands a clear statement of intent, no one has recanted.

We've seen Ford back off from eliminating the job security clauses in the contracts of the city's unions, in favour of reducing their scope. Given that busting the unions is probably the only part of his agenda that he could count on any significant public support for, backing off from it is a pretty clear indication that he needs a win -- and will do anything to get it.

Ford's alienated everyone in the city, is losing reliable supporting votes on council to either the "swing" or "left" categories, and is generally doing everything his critics expected.

And all this in his second year in office. I look forward to the total implosion of his platform come year three, followed by his defeat in year four.

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Matt said...

True...oh so true. Ford is slowly losing support, but I do believe, like you mentioned, that his budget did do some harm to this city.

Also, he has backed off on some of his more ruthless demands in his negotiations with local unions, but he is still trying bully the union into striking so that he can make them the bad guys instead of himself.

I have written a lot on Ford and similar topics on my blog. If you are interested, check it out at

And by the way, long live metal. I am a big fan too and we seem to have lots in common. Did you see Machine Head play last Saturday at the Sound Academy?

Cheers and nice blog!