Saturday, December 26, 2009

Live-blogging the APA Eastern Division.

Well, live-tweeting, anyway.

The American Philosophical Association Eastern Division meeting gets underway tomorrow evening, running until Wednesday afternoon. And guess who's sitting in a hotel in Queens, getting ready to go to it tomorrow? If you're interested, you can see the conference website here:

I'll be tweeting as things occur to me, over at I'll post the interesting/salient stuff here on the blog at the end of each day. This may be an incredibly fascinating window into the truly weird world of academic philosophy, or a series of whinges about how bored I am. Possibly both. Such is the life I've chosen.

(Oh, and, for those not in the know: Eastern is the meeting where, usually, US schools interview junior candidates, such as myself, for tenure-track jobs. Given the ongoing economic meltdown in the US, though, that's all gotten a bit cock-eyed. There's fewer positions, positions are being cancelled, schools aren't interviewing at the APA... it's a mess. So, the meeting could be rather sparsely attended, or attended largely by horrifically desperate job candidates. I may be able to get pictures of grown men bursting into tears from the stress of it all.)