Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Since there's been complaints...

...from the Liberal side of things about NDP "silence" on the pending ways and means motion, let me be one to break it. (Although, really, folks, you have to get on Twitter; we've been kicking it around for a little bit now.) For my money, there's little upside to supporting the Conservatives at this point. The motion will pass anyway, with BQ support. There's also little upside to going along with the Liberals' bizarre shift from reflexive support to reflexive opposition. So, the best move is to go before the cameras, explain why the EI reforms don't go far enough, explain that neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives are covering themselves with glory, and abstain from the vote in protest.

Which is basically what Dr. Dawg said here.

The way forward for the NDP, as I see it, is to refuse to play the game of either Canadian conservative party. (Note the lower-case there.)