Monday, June 15, 2009

Is Michael Ignatieff stupid?

Apparently. Or else he thinks voters are. We've heard this song before, after all. Ignatieff tries to "hold Harper accountable", Harper comes up with a way to seem like he's complying, and Ignatieff claims he's succeeded in doing... something (it's never quite clear what). Continually propping up the Conservatives in return for empty promises is a sign of serious weakness on the part of the Liberal party, and there's nothing to suggest that Harper's promises will be any less empty this time around.

Still, the latter might be right. Maybe voters are stupid enough to fall for this.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does it seem a bit creepy that this guy just sort of popped onto the scene out of nowhere,where did he come from?? What is he doing here and better yet WHO SENT HIM.? He has had nothing to do with Canada for 34 years,then all of a sudden he pops in and decides that he can run this country .The Americans are wanting to create a North American union who better than to send an Americanized former Canadian. I cant help but see him as a threat to our sovereignty and security.Something just doesn't seem right about the whole thing.I dont trust him,he even looks creepy.Isnt he Russian as well and the Russians want the arctic,arent the Americans after the oil in the artic as well.Something is really fishy.

ADHR said...

That's a really bizarre conspiracy theory. Some facts off the top of Wikipedia to really show how foolish it is.

First, Ignatieff's father is Russian-born, but became a Canadian (and a Canadian diplomat). Ignatieff's mother is fully Canadian.

Second, Conservative ads notwithstanding, Ignatieff lived in the UK for 22 years (as a faculty member at Cambridge and Oxford), and in the US only for 5 (as a faculty member at Harvard). Not exactly an American sleeper agent.

Third, the Liberals recruited him. As far as I know, he didn't actively seek the position out. Once in the party, why wouldn't he want to be leader? He's a smart, ambitious guy.

Fourth, the Americans do not want a North American union -- for one, the Republican party is far too xenophobic; for two, they're currently having enough trouble keeping one country up and running.