Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Harper's cabinet continuing to cover itself in glory.

And over here, we have Gary Goodyear -- again -- proving why he's yet another hopelessly incompetent Conservative minister. Not because he tried to intervene in the way a federal granting agency allocated research monies. Oh, no. That, I expect. No, the problem is he was too stupid to do it without being caught.

Of course, given that Harper is apparently becoming the type that forgives any and all sins, I suppose Goodyear believes that it doesn't matter if he gets caught. Adding in the fact that he won his last election with almost 50% of the votes cast, he might actually be right. (Incidentally, thanks bunches, Cambridge.)


Catelli said...

Hey! I voted against him!

Of course it would help if the people running against him weren't total douches either. His Liberal predecessor was an effective MP in the way kleenex makes an effective condom (Yank Janko was my motto at the time.)

And I will grant, before this latest promotion, he actually appeared to be an all-around good guy. His idiocy publicly appeared after he become a junior minister.

So if in the next election my friends and neighbors vote this particular douche back in, well then we won't have any excuses, and they'll deserve the scorn and ridicule.

ADHR said...

It's amazing how giving these guys a soapbox exposes what they're really like. ;) I don't entirely buy the idea that the Liberal was just as bad, though. Goodyear got almost half the votes cast. The Liberal (who wasn't Janko last time around; some dude named Gord Zeilstra) got half of that -- about a quarter of the total votes. That doesn't, to my eye, say they're pretty much the same. It says that most voters think that Goodyear was significantly better than the alternatives.

Catelli said...

Goodyear beat out Janko Peric to gain the seat. Janko then retired from politics.

Zeilstra was a half wit replacement, and no one really knew him.

Before the last election Gary was representing Cambridge's interests quite well. Him and his provincial PC counterpart (Jerry wassisname? Damn it escapes me at the moment) were a formidible double team when Cambridge needed a voice in either government.

Cambridge is a solid blue collar middle class non-union city. Its a more rural down to earth city then Calgary imho. Fertile conservative ground. Also a good place to live, but that's another topic.

It'll be interesting next time around. The two Gerry's are quite popular locally and generally well liked. If Gary loses, it'll be more his party's fault than his own (idiotic public statements notwithstanding).

ADHR said...

Gerry Martiniuk is the provincial PC guy.

I find it interesting how becoming a minister or significant player in the government (or opposition, for that matter) suddenly makes a politician incapable of being a powerful local voice. Happened to my MP (Martha Hall-Findlay) as well.

That said, I've never followed why blue-collar, middle-class places would vote Conservative. Seems somewhat self-destructive.

Catelli said...

We're funny that way ;)