Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Egads! Secret documents!

I don't care. And I'm not clear why anyone else cares.

Look, we know the Conservatives don't give two shits about following appropriate procedures for protecting public and governmental information -- it's part of that whole "responsible government" business that they've never quite gotten. So, it's not surprising that this happened; what's surprising, if anything, is that it hasn't happened more frequently.

What's in the documents is not all that surprising, either. Running a nuclear reactor is expensive. Jeepers! Who knew? Except, y'know, everyone who pays attention to the funding of nuclear reactors.

Even the coverage isn't that surprising. We've moved from "oo, look! secret documents, KEWL!", to "my god, look at all the public money being blown!". Which is typical MSM nonsense. Without some sense of how much it's supposed to cost to run a reactor of this type for this market -- that is, an actual benchmark -- the best anyone can do is take a good long look at the number itself. And it's a big number compared to, say, the average household income, so most will take it as excessively large. But that, as just said, is a meaningless conclusion.

So, again, what's the big deal supposed to be? We know the Conservatives are deeply careless, in all senses of the word. We know that nuclear reactors cost a lot of money. And the coverage is typically devoid of the necessary context which might help folks draw a reasonable conclusion.

Politics as usual in the Dominion of Canada.

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