Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Liberal, Tory...

...same old story. But, apparently, that's a good thing?

All righty, then.


janfromthebruce said...

Great grab Adam - I guess it's really, really true. Perhaps the libs will be campaigning from the right after all, and talking out of both sides of their mouth, so that they grab the left.
Reminds of 1993 all over again except this time, they appear to showing more of their true colours. I would suspect that Iggy's long stay in the states has strongly influenced how he sees "liberalism" democratic party like.

ADHR said...

That might be true. I find it hard to tell, though, whether there's really any serious policy or principled basis for what the Libs are doing these days. It may be just a desperate need to regain power, after all -- they're celebrating converting Tories because that makes it more likely that they're going to win.

What will they do if they win? It's becoming increasingly difficult to say.