Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Twitter

  • 21:03 Internet, you disappoint me. You're not fun today. #
  • 22:19 It doesn't really make up for proroguing, but this was pretty cool of Jean: #
  • 22:22 Can we put the whole "Conservatives know how to manage an economy" myth to bed? $50 billion deficit. At least. #
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Mary C said...

We have a mayor down here in Windsor who seems to be grooming himself to be an economic messiah for the PCon party, jump onto the Windsor Star if you want to see some classic union busting/mob-inciting behaviours in action...
(and folks who remark that "in Toronto, they would have had back-to-work legislation in the first week", and Toronto would have "hired the scabs already"...)
I posted a link to your "on the TTC strike" to the young fellow on Facebook who remembers Toronto so fondly and inaccurately...

great blog - I don't twitter, but I will follow along with you

ADHR said...

Thanks. ;) There's always some who think that union-busting will magically lead to economic rebirth. The fact is, though, that the real problem has nothing to do with unions or the lack. It's the elites who are to blame for the failures of our system, and its inability to lead to a decent life (or even opportunities for a decent life) for most.

I'm not persuaded that anyone in Canadian politics fully gets that, though. Then again, I'm a cynic.