Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It gets worse.

Kevin Grandia's bad enough. But MJ Murphy has gone... I don't know, what's further than off the deep end?

I can only surmise that Murphy is being deliberately dishonest. I can't imagine that he doesn't understand the BC Liberals are not affiliated with the federal Liberals (ideologically, they're closer to the Conservatives), and also doesn't understand that the BC NDP does have an environmental platform. (Whether it's effective is a separate question.) What I don't grasp is why he's doing it. More secret ties to the governing party?


bigcitylib said...

The NDP plan is fundamentally dishonest. Joccard isn't harsh enough, in fact, because he seems to think it could be implemented without the "significant polluters" simply passing costs on to the consumer.

This whole NDP "we'll tax the big polluters while protecting Joe Consumer" is just magic talk.

ADHR said...

Well, that's not relevant to what either I or you were talking about. But, okay, let's run with that.

A carbon tax will pass costs on to the consumer. That's the point of a carbon tax. So, if that's your objection, it's not at all coherent.

I also don't see why it's not possible to tax big polluters while protecting consumers. Wasn't that the point of Dion's Green Shift?