Friday, April 24, 2009

In which I defend Michael Ignatieff.

But just this once.

Over here, we see an article on polling which suggests that, except for Quebec, Canadian voters are less likely to vote Liberal because of Iggy's speculation about tax hikes. Iggy, for once, needs to not wimp out. Canadians have been treated like children for far too long. We can't have a decent, well-functioning society without a sensible tax regime. Decades of right-wing slash-and-burn budgeting will eventually come home to roost and, when it does, we will need to raise taxes or dump huge swathes of public service onto the private sector (with all its attendant disasters). Canadians need to get this, and if Ignatieff is the one who has to do the spadework, so be it.

(Of course, I am slightly biased, in that if Iggy manages to make the idea palatable but the Liberals take the hit on election day, then that would seem to benefit the NDP.)

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