Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Governor-General declares a republic is inevitable.

In Australia.

Toronto, ON - April 7, 2009 - Canadian republicans are applauding Friday's news from Australia that their Governor-General agrees with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that Australia will become a republic.

When asked by a reporter from the national broadcaster ABC Radio about her views on a future republic, Governor-General Quentin Bryce said, "I think that that will happen in the future, yes."

Australia's representative of the Queen also remarked that the eventual removal of the colonial link to Britain was "part of the development of our democracy."

In Canada, despite public opinion polls rivaling Australia's in majority support for ending the monarchy, Bryce's candid comment contrasts sharply with public attitudes in Canadian government circles, where the issue, with the odd exception, is considered taboo.

The world is passing us by. The Commonwealth prime ministers of Australia, Barbados, Jamaica and New Zealand have all openly predicted the end of their countries' ties to the British monarchy. Now we also see a sitting governor general declaring the same.

Here in Canada, unless we start seeing more of our representatives’ reflecting the views of their constituents and, equally as important, stating their own true views about the future of the monarchy, we seem destined to share with tiny Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands, status as a last bastion of the British Empire.

Full release from Citizens for a Canadian Republic is here.

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