Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Liberals...

...your ability to grasp at straws and ignore your own hypocrisy never ceases to amuse. Enjoy your coalition. What exactly did you get out of it, again?

FWIW, I fully realize that not all Liberals are as unprincipled and irrational as BigCityLib, Steve V, and the usual rabble. But I continue to suspect a significant majority are -- hence why I really can't take the party seriously. For the serious few who actually have principles and can think their way through an argument, note that the NDP are doing what they always have done (and what the Liberals -- indeed, all parties -- should do). They are setting priorities and working seriously to attain what they consider most important and most achievable. The idea that this is worthy of criticism is frankly juvenile, and exposes a serious problem with Canadian politics.


janfromthebruce said...

It appears liberals would rather tsk, tsk to the press, and "whisper sweet nothings" to the press, rather than roll up their sleeves, show up in the House, and put Canadians before party.
Of course, I can understand their reluctance, considering it was a Liberal govt that changed the EI rules, and as we see, the result is not pretty. Perhaps, they really don't care, and that's the truth that they cannot speak of.

ADHR said...

Of course they would. They're Liberals, after all. Even the Conservatives have principles -- bad ones, but they have them. Liberals are all about power; they think they can regain power by focusing on the NDP (rather than the Cons), so that's what we see playing out.

It's sad, though, that they can't have a serious argument on merits of their policies and instead indulge in fantasies of the horrible, horrible things the NDP has done. It'd make politics in this country a lot more interesting if the Liberals would just grow up.