Monday, March 23, 2009

Shorter Greg Gutfeld.

"I'm sorry you Canadians are too stupid to tell when I'm kidding."

Typical, in so many ways. (1) Retreats to claiming "it was a joke!", even though only idiots would find it funny. (2) Retreats to "sorry if you were offended!" rather than the sincere "I'm sorry that I offended you". (3) The host half-apologizes for his own conduct, and leaves out the conduct of his guests (who, so far, have said absolutely nothing about their own remarks).

Still, it's Fox News. What can you expect?


Jafo said...

To show just how sincere he is, over on his Twitter site ( he posted...

"My apologies to the Canadian military, they probably could at least beat the Belgians."

Some of the backlash has already started. His co-hort on the set, Benson, had a show in Edmonton cancelled because of this. With any luck, Gutfeld will lose his show as well. not holding my breath though.

ADHR said...

Honestly. Does he not realize that, in their current (over-extended) state, the US Army probably couldn't beat the Belgians?

I'd heard about Benson. Apparently, there's a CFB near Edmonton and the club owners had been receiving threats, so couldn't guarantee Benson's safety. Maybe he'll have the sense to offer a sincere apology now that his livelihood is taking a hit.

Knowing Fox News, though, they'll probably give Gutfeld another hour.