Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let me see if I'm following....

In Conservative-land, you can't do anything to help the public broadcaster when it's struggling. But if the private broadcasters are having problems, then they're right on top of it.


Are the Liberals going to roll over and support this, too? Do the Liberals hate the CBC as bad as the Cons, but just don't have the courage to admit it?


Ian said...

I don't think the Grits hate the CBC (they basically have Don Newman loving them most of the time), but I'm not convinced that they'd care enough to stand up for it. Of course if they cross the CBC, they'll cross the majority of Canadians. Perhaps this is a perfect issue for Mr. Layton to stand up and defend for the sake of Canada (nicely positioning himself as the REAL opposition in this country).

Beijing York said...

It was the Liberals that put the CBC on a short financial leash and assigned the directorate who proceeded to make a feeble attempt to make the organization more commercially competitive (which has been a disaster). So the LPC do share in some of the blame but the CPC's total disdain is just insult to injury.

Chet Scoville said...

So, basically, the plan is to give the CBC's money to the Asper family. Lovely.

ADHR said...


I hope he does. I really hope he does. This whole policy is just ridiculous -- kill the CBC, prop up the private broadcasters.


lol. I wish I'd thought of that -- it'd make a better title than the one I settled on. ;)


Do you happen to recall when they did that? I'd like to find out exactly what changes the LPC instituted.