Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well, since the Toronto Star endorsed Andrea Horwath... clearly follows that Dippers should not elect her party leader.

Indeed, I'm not sure why the Horwath campaign is touting this endorsement as anything significant. To call it "tepid" would be an insult to lukewarm tea. They trash Hampton as "too confrontational" -- seriously, Howard Hampton? -- and "too northern" -- whatever that means (can we call McGuinty and Tory "too southern", then?). They list three candidates that they'd rather have in the race, only one of whom they give reason to believe is actually in the party. And they say "none" of the four candidates are inspiring (again, whatever that means).

Gilles Bisson is dismissed as, again, "too northern". I have to wonder, really, whether this is some sort of anti-francophone bias, or possibly anti-rural; it's really inexplicable otherwise. Bisson is articulate, clever, and has clearly thought about what needs to be done to push the ONDP forward. Michael Prue supposedly questioned the party's decision to delay passage of the York U bill, which, as far as I can tell, is a flat lie: Prue wanted the government to defend the need for the bill, and said he would support it if that defense was forthcoming (shocking news: it wasn't). Other than that, he's called "hackneyed" -- because of his campaign slogan. What are they going to criticize next, his voice? His haircut? Peter Tabuns is called a one-issue candidate, with a heavy focus on energy policy -- which is grossly unfair, as all four are pushing environmental issues, as is typical for the NDP.

So, why pick Andrea Horwath? She's young, from southern Ontario, and female. Seriously. That's their reasoning.

Why is the Horwath campaign proud of this "endorsement"?

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