Tuesday, January 20, 2009

York got pwned.

Forced ratification results from the York U/CUPE 3903 strike are in. Folks, it wasn't even a contest.

Unit 1 (TAs): 61.7% rejected the offer

Unit 2 (non-student contract faculty): 59.3% rejected the offer

Unit 3 (GAs): 70% rejected the offer.

So, what we've learned: if you try to cram a contract down the throats of a group of intelligent, motivated people -- with the ham-fisted coercive attempts of the deans and some full-time faculty -- it doesn't work. Colour me shocked.

Now York is in trouble, as they've just blown their one opportunity at a forced ratification vote. Their only hope, apart from actually doing that "negotiation" thing, is to beg the province to do what the university couldn't: force a contract on the union. I'm not persuaded that McGuinty wants to do York's (or John Tory's) dirty work.

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