Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh, and...

...Thornhill's douchebag MPP, Peter Shurman, is now on CP24 and ranting. Seriously, ranting. He's not making any sense, and is just throwing around random anti-union viciousness. I mean, the guy's really unhinged here.

He just suggested that people should be lucky to have a job. Ontario PCs are apparently fans of feudalism. And he's also said that CUPE 3903 is living in the past! I'm literally laughing at him.

Wow, what a great closing line: "It's raining in Ontario, and no one has any umbrellas!" Hilarious. The man's a clown; maybe I should send him some greasepaint so he can look the part.

Okay, so, crisis is temporarily averted. Now I'm off to do my actual work.


janfromthebruce said...

Cons think recessions and depressions are a good time to take the boots to working people and unions. During good times, they think they should get more.
What a loser, from the "more for me" crowd.
Of course, it's that mindset that sunk the global economy in the first place.

ADHR said...

Granted, but then why do they have a reputation of knowing their way around an economy? They seem to think it's this massive external force which can't possibly be resisted, defused or altered in any way by individual choices. When in reality, individual choices are the economy.