Friday, January 09, 2009

Not surprising, but still disappointing.

So much for good faith negotiation. York has called for a forced ratification vote. I suspect they believe that a majority of the graduate members will vote in favour and swamp the contract faculty -- or, less likely, they might believe that the graduate members are divided and the contract faculty will swing in favour of ratification.

This means, though, that negotiations are probably over until the ratification vote is held. It also means that the University never had any serious intention of negotiating past this offer. More duplicity; why am I even surprised any more?


rww said...

They should ask Larry O'Brien how well that tactic worked for him.

ADHR said...

Wasn't that a little different, though? This is the employer asking the (provincial) Minister of Labour for the vote. I thought that, in the Ottawa Transit case, the (federal) Minister of Labour intervened of her own accord. (Well, there may have been some backroom communications, but I don't recall seeing anything official.)