Wednesday, January 21, 2009


CP24 is currently broadcasting from the bargaining room for the York/CUPE 3903 strike. CUPE 3903's bargaining team is sitting across from a row of empty chairs. Pretty clear who's taking this process seriously and who isn't.

Tyler Shipley, CUPE 3903 media rep, was just asked whether they'd heard from the university today -- he said they hadn't. Ouch. Although, Reg Pearson (the new mediator) is apparently nowhere to be found. CP24's reporter is also looking for him.

She also asked Tyler about back-to-work legislation, and he pointed out -- correctly -- that if the government legislates CUPE 3903 back, then that declares (in -- and this is me talking -- the most cowardly way possible) that public sector workers really don't have the right to strike. Whether they should or not is not the issue; right now, they do, and taking that away in the middle of a strike is really unjustifiable.


rww said...

Don't you know right wingers believe workers should only have the right to strike if they do not abuse it. And by abuse it they mean use it.

ADHR said...

Sort of an odd understanding of a "right", though. Do they just like the sound of the word, and not its meaning?