Monday, January 26, 2009

Go Hampton: The Sequel

Hampton is now raking the university bargaining team over the coals. Pointing out that they only negotiated for 12 days out of a 77 day strike. That they refused to bargaining over the winter break. That they wouldn't bargain after the forced ratification vote failed. That they refused to even look at the union's proposal tabled last week. And yet, York claims that it wants to get students back into the classroom and resolve the dispute with a negotiated collective agreement.

He's also, correctly, indicating that the bill is now a reward for York's intransigence. It now gives public sector employers the perfect excuse not to bargain: the government will solve the dispute no matter what.

This is news to me: Hampton has reported that the mediator, Reg Pearson, apparently told the union that he couldn't get a response from the York bargaining team. And apparently Pearson said that he thought the York team was playing for time.

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