Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CUPE 3903/York strike overview for today.

Bit of a linkdump.

York President Shoukri and other senior administrators answered questions at a "community forum" on January 22, 2009. Watch them duck and weave:

McGuinty claims he wants to push the York admin to negotiate during the legislative debate, but he won't withdraw the back to work bill. So, why should they bother? He's going to get them off the hook no matter what. (link).

Police arrested 4 at a Queen's Park demonstration today. Why? It's not entirely clearly. Allegedly they committed assault, assault on a police officer, and obstruction of police. So, the only reason for police to be there would have been that first assault charge. Question: who did they assault? Answer: no one's saying. Something's fishy here; it certainly wouldn't be the first time that York had called the police on its own students while demonstrating. And, again: why were police called in in the first place? Who was assaulted, justifying getting the police involved? (link)

CUPE Ontario has gone public with the threat to challenge the back to work bill if McGuinty passes it. (link) I don't want to rehash the argument here, but, suffice to say, the law is not clearly settled here and CUPE could win this (it's not a slam-dunk, though). If they can establish a plausible case before a court, they may even be able to get an injunction blocking the legislation from taking effect.

Oh, and, McGuinty is either an idiot or he believes the public are idiots:
Mr. McGuinty said he will move ahead with the bill and do everything he can to get 45,000 students back to class."How long are we supposed to wait? What if they don't want to talk for another month?" he asked. "At some point, we blow the whistle and say, 'Time's up.'"
Seriously? You're the Premier, and the best you can come up with is "how long are we supposed to wait?" Ye gods, it never occurred to him to personally get involved in the negotiation? Or send in one of his Ministers? Maybe pick up the phone? This "how long are we supposed to wait" business is such obvious bullshit.

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