Thursday, January 29, 2009


If I'm understanding the current framing correctly, Liberals defending Ignatieff are claiming that he's a strategic genius who's going to hang the recession around the neck of the Conservatives, followed by a triumphant return to power at some unspecified point in the future. Right? Is that the deal?

Then, given this refusal to try to enhance EI payments, eliminate new tax breaks, keep pay equity in place as it is, and so on and so forth -- in other words, actually do things to, y'know, help people -- I think it's quite fair to say that the Liberals also want to make sure that Canadians really suffer through this one. That way, they'll be ever more likely to vote Liberal at that unspecified point in the future.



Beijing York said...

Has that strategy ever been tested on a minority government facing a recession?

Wearing a dreadful economic downfall is political poison when you have a majority but I don't think it's a slam dunk need for change scenario in a minority situation. To think so is to truly believe that voters are idiots.

Alison said...

Yeah, I think you've got it.
Plus the huffing and puffing but taking care not to blow the Con house down is a sure-fire strategy for increasing donations to their party.

thequantumbuddha said...

Right on! Why won't these master strategists realize that at this point in history, the best strategy is to do the right thing and prove to a cynical and jaded population that they deserve their positions?

Socially Active said...

Michael and the Liberals are screwed.

> I think for Ignatieff, getting rid of Harper now is not his priority. He can wait a year or two.

He is needs to wait a year or two and HOPE Canadians forget.

Dion let Harper walk over him.
Michael joined Harper, just one month after Harper set out to completely destroy balanced elections and the Liberals in the process through cutting election funding. How could Michael join Harper after that? Please tell me.

Michael and the Liberals are screwed. Neither the NDP or the BLOC will ever come to their aid again. Listen to what was said, I am pretty sure they met and more.

This is NOT probation. Harper has absolute victory.

The opposition has been divided and conquered. Thanks to Michael joining Harper even after what Harper has done.

ch said...

My read is that the Liberals position is that Harper has compromised and put some needed stimulus into the budget and did some things to help those with lower income and Canadians want to see this government work for now and some money to flow, so the Liberals are responding to that. Had Harper not done any substantial compromise, it would have been Harper making things not work. He compromised and the Liberals are doing their part to make government work for now.

No one expects a Liberal budget to come out of a Conservative government. That is not what Canadians voted for. This is a Conservative budget where Harper put in some opposition ideas and those made it better than it would have been.

Catelli said...

I want to say you're just being cynical, and missing the important context of it all.

But I can't.

It has nothing to do with pay equity and EI and principles, it has to do with:

The sub-amendment, considered a confidence vote would have toppled the government had it passed

The Liberals don't feel they can win an election. So what's the point of forcing one? There is the coalition, but Iggy didn't have the stones to go through with that given the massive negative popular opinion against it.

Its all about winning, and not about serving.

ADHR said...

This is an interesting sampling. No one seems to think this is unquestionably a good scenario for the Liberals. So what on earth is Ignatieff thinking? He must believe that Canadians are stupid and cynical enough to forgive him as long as the Conservatives come out smelling worse. I think Beijing has a good point: a bad economic situation might bring down a majority, but I don't see how it'll win the Liberals enough seats to get back into government.

Oh, incidentally, ch: Canadians don't vote for the government. Saying they do is a Conservative frame and obviously false -- avoid it.