Saturday, January 24, 2009


The ONDP will not be supporting back to work legislation in the York strike, forcing McGuinty to go through three readings. The earliest it could pass, I'm hearing, is Wednesday. Both Howard Hampton and John Tory claim, though, that McGuinty didn't bother to contact them personally in order to plan out the legislation. This suggests to me that either McGuinty isn't all that serious, or this is a last-minute decision. I wonder if he was taking heat from the Liberal caucus? That might explain his sudden change of heart, and also why he didn't consult with the other two parties.

I'm also hearing word that the ONDP might try to push for the legislation to explicitly require "last best offer" binding arbitration. There's nothing official from media yet, nor anything from either my CUPE or York sources, nor from the ONDP themselves. However, that form of arbitration would require the arbitrator to split the difference between the last offers the two parties have on the table. It's a little fairer to the union than the other common form, which considers sector averages and would thus likely rollback CUPE 3903's contract. (And, for anyone who thinks that might be a good thing, let me ask: have you considered how nasty the next strike will be?)

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