Sunday, December 28, 2008

York U's president is an asshole.

Read the condescending letter to sit-in protestors here. Note where he lies and says he has been available to meet with the protestors on two previous occasions. Note also where he lies and calls the protest "illegal picketing activity" -- if it were, then the University would have gone to the LRB and had an order issued to remove them. Finally, note where he says that the University is willing to meet the union at the bargaining table.

Then, read this, where CUPE 3903 points out that the University has done dick-all to negotiate over the winter break.

They don't want this to end. This is what this administration lives for. They don't want to run a University or provide an education for students or provide halfway decent employment opportunities. They want to play shallow power-games with people much weaker than they.

I'm running out of ways to express my utter disdain.

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