Tuesday, December 16, 2008

York's starting to look desperate.

Remember that sit-in I mentioned yesterday in the CUPE 3903/York U labour dispute? York's apparently not happy. Original here.

8:05 am, December 16, 2008 - TORONTO, Ont.

Censorship is the latest dirty media manipulation trick to come from York University’s tactics in the current labour dispute with CUPE 3903. Cameras and crews from Global TV were denied access to the protesters, and a City TV reporter was evicted from campus for trying to talk the them. Students at the sit-in report that other media crews received similar treatment from York University security and an openly hostile Alex Bilyk, Director of York University Media Relations, was seen chasing reporters away from the protesters. Is he doing President Shoukri’s bidding in preventing the truth from getting out?

With all this manipulation, is it any coincidence that CBC TV gets it wrong? … Monday night’s report claims that students are staging a sit-in at Shoukri’s office because they are angry at strikers for causing an end to the term. That’s just not true. We expect a retraction immediately. And we demand that York let the truth out.
Seriously, guys, what are you afraid of the media seeing?

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