Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wow. He just digs himself deeper and deeper.

More on York President Shoukri. This is classic (emphasis mine, all mine!):
From: Carmen
To: all students, CUPE and friends
Date: Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 11:06 PM
Subject: sit-in update “Problems with Shoukri’s Response”

Wednesday December 17, 2008 11pm

Problems with President Shoukri’s response to students:

Around 3:45 pm on Wednesday, December 17, a letter was given to the 9th floor sit-in on behalf of President Shoukri where he commented that he would not meet with members of the sit-in. There were two main problems with the letter that President Shoukri wrote. First, it was addressed solely to CUPE 3903 and ignored the role of undergraduate students and non-CUPE 3903 graduate students involved in the sit-in. This is especially important considering the significant role of undergraduates in organizing, supporting, and maintaining the sit-in.

Second, Shoukri mentioned that he has made himself “available to community members in two Town Hall meetings - one as early as last Thursday.” The last two “Town Hall” meetings to which he referred were actually two Senate meetings that are not generally open to the public, were not well-advertised, and are very different from Town Hall meetings. In fact, the last York Federation of Students (YFS) Town Hall meeting was November 25, 2008, where President Shoukri was invited and refused to come. Furthermore, no other members of the York Administration came.

The two recent Senate meetings were open to the public, under a great deal of pressure from CUPE 3903 as a result of the strike, one of which, was organized at the same time as a GMM. As well, there was a Senate meeting at 3pm on Tuesday, December 16, that several sit-in participants tried to attend and were not allowed in. They asked if Shoukri would be present and were told he had said would not be there. The sit-in participants demanded that the Senate ask Shoukri to meet with the 9th floor sit-in, but were told that Senate would do no such thing.

We are waiting for a response to our two demands: (1) That Shoukri sign a commitment to hold and speak at a public forum about the strike in the first week of January; (2) That Shoukri answer 12 questions on-camera, to all of us, that the organizing group and sit-in participants put together and agreed upon. The questions demand responses from Shoukri regarding the strike, the financial priorities of the York administration and bargaining team, as well as the security of picketers.


9th floor sit-in participants (undergraduate and graduate York students, and Flying Squad)

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