Thursday, December 04, 2008

We are a country of idiots.

I see why The Cynic decided to take the day to drink. Would that I could join him. Anyone else seen this? Apparently, Canadians want King Harper. Fuck.


Beijing York said...

Very distressing indeed.

Early in Bush's first term, I remember US friends on a discussion board getting quite annoyed with many of us Canadians who kept criticizing how stupid the electorate was and how the progressives were to cautious and mild mannered. One person said, just wait till it happens to your country. You'll know just how helpless we feel.

She was right. I feel humbled by the fact that in 2002, I never thought we would be living what we experienced today or the past two years.

ADHR said...

Does that mean we have to go through 8 years of this before we get our Obama? If so, I think I want to move in with my (American) in-laws for a bit...