Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This is funny.

According to the G&M, federal public sector workers -- counting pensions and other benefits -- make about 41.7% more than private sector workers. Is there a call herein for private sector workers to be better treated? For everyone to come together and demand fairer wages, increased benefits, and adequate pensions?

Well, there's this:
The CFIB [Canadian Federation of Independent Business], which represents small and medium-sized businesses, said the gap makes it tough for private firms to compete for staff.
So, according to the CFIB -- an astroturf group if I ever saw one -- the fact that they can't just pay their workers anything, that their workers might look at public sector counterparts and say "hey, how come they make a decent living?", is unfair.

I'll just let that one sink in.

Oh, and, avoid the comments section on that piece. It's usual Con-bot swill. You know how it goes: unions are relics, fire them all, references to the "real world", etc. Here's a nice comment I found, though, which encapsulates why everyone should be demanding -- not requesting -- the treatment public sector workers get (emphasis mine):
Hero Hero from Canada writes: When you can't beat 'em, then join 'em. After nearly ten years in the private sector, I eventually left for the public sector. As a professional/technical person, I find that the public sector provides a good work-life balance, stability, reasonable pay, good benefits, a pension that is better than most, as well as opportunities for advancement. I found that the private sector absolutely bleeds its employees, raises are few and far in between, and there is minimal stability. In terms of career advancement, there really isn't much since the organizations have become flattened over the years. At the end of the day, you come home absolutely dead tired, with no time and energy to spend with your family. So, what good are you for your family if you're bagged at the end of each day? The private sector might pay you more initially, but the raises can become non-existent. In contrast, the public sector might initially pay less, but as salaries are indexed, the pay does go up, and eventually can and does exceed private sector pay. So, do I want to go back to the private sector? Nope. Like many of you, I used to be jealous and full of hatred for these so-called "lazy government workers", but I decided to apply for government jobs, and after a long, long time, I did get eventually get one.


Greg said...

You notice how they always complain about teachers being underworked and overpaid? I've known enough teachers to know that that's crap.

So forgive me if I don't lend them any credibility when they say that the entire civil service is lazy and overpaid.

I think it would be most interesting to produce a graph showing how, mysteriously, private sectors workers are paid less but private sector executives are paid more than their government counterparts.

ADHR said...

Sure. But then they'd argue that this is because their skills are rarer and more valuable on the market than the skills of useless plebes like teachers. And MPs should be paid equivalently to CEOs in order to keep them from fleeing to private industry.