Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanks, Michaëlle.

So, King Steve is going to fill the Senate with as many cronies as he can. Given the current composition, it's far from the end of the world, as his best case scenario winds up with 38 Cons, 58 Libs, 3 PCs (who did not align with the Cons when the PC Party folded), one "NDP" Senator, and 5 independents. However, note this. The NDP, who oppose appointments to the Senate in principle, won't even recognize the one Senator who wants to align with them. The Cons, who have claimed to want to reform the Senate, are now taking every advantage they can get to stack Parliament in their favour.

Money quotes:
"It's going to be people who are supportive of the elected government of Canada," the official said. "The government will probably proceed with filling every vacancy." ... "Partly this is because of the coalition musing that they would appoint people from the Bloc or the Green party," the source said.
The Star reporter only wakes up enough to note that no one has suggested appointing Senators from the BQ (and, seriously, does anyone think they'd accept?), but not to debunk the ONE MORE TIME! repetition of this month's Big Lie, i.e., that Canadian governments are elected.

This is why Harper cannot be the Prime Minister. He simply can't be trusted with any degree of power; he will abuse it to his own interests, regardless of what's good for the country.


Anonymous said...

Oh, shut your cake hole! Harper could have do this months ago and quit blaming the GG for all liberal problems. Mostly fault liberals. They are the ones who suck at picking leaders.

Albertan said...

Harper has to fill these senate seats. He is, after all, entitled to his entitlements!

ADHR said...


Yeah, I suppose so. If you don't like his principles, hey -- he's got others.


Want to try that again, without the insanity? If Harper had tried it months ago, he would've had to face the HoC instead of doing it behind closed doors (which I thought he considered a bad way to act when in government).

I don't know what you're smoking in thinking I care about Liberal problems. Look down the blog, at all the buttons there. See the one with Jack Layton's smilin' mug? And the one for the Blogging Dippers? I shouldn't have to point out something so obvious, but apparently you require more intensive guidance.