Monday, December 01, 2008


So, two right-wing premiers (Wall and Stelmach), over here, decry the horrible, nasty coalition. The premier facing an election (Charest) and the left-wing premier (Doer) don't want to say anything other than platitudes about needing a stable government.

But here's the money quotes; first Wall, then Stelmach:
Wall said there was hope after last month's federal election that Parliament might succeed. But he said "somewhere along the line, political interests began to overtake the interests of Canada." This is not the time, he added, for Canada to have an unelected government dependent on the separatist Bloc Quebecois for support.


He said there's a huge risk Canada will lose momentum as a country if the federal Conservatives are replaced by a coalition government, and he noted stock markets have "dropped quite a bit" in reaction to developments in the nation's capital.
Regarding Wall, he's clearly an imbecile, and I feel bad for Saskatchewan. No government is ever elected; and, as I pointed out earlier today (in which I was echoed by Senator Elaine McCoy), if the Cons survive, it will be due to the evil separatists. Regarding Stelmach... seriously, dude, WTF? Does he honestly believe that the stock markets really give two shits about what's going on in Ottawa, given the (metaphorical) nukes going off everywhere else?

I note Gordo Campbell (BC) is keeping his head down. Probably wise. As extreme as he is, he's technically a "Liberal", so he's probably trying not to commit himself to anything. I wait with bated breath to see what pearls of wisdom McGuinty (ON, of course) will bestow upon us tomorrow.


Kelvin said...

We'll need to mind the opinion of the United States as well, though really I don't think it could be bad, what Obama says is still important.

ADHR said...

Why does it matter? He'll deal with whoever the Prime Minister is; I seriously doubt he cares if it's Harper or Dion (or Duceppe, for that matter).

Keep in mind as well, though, that Obama isn't President yet -- Bush still is.