Thursday, December 04, 2008

I write letters.

Seems to be a week for writing letters. My MP (Martha Hall Findlay) tends to be a do-nothing MP, who can't even be bothered to reply to letters. But, who knows.
Dear Ms. Hall Findlay,

Stephen Harper is clearly unfit to be the Prime Minister of this country. He has nothing but disdain for elected parliamentarians from the Bloc Québécois and the New Democratic Party. The former, in his view, are little more than useful pawns. The latter are “socialists” – a political perspective far more respectable than his own proto-fascism. He believes that receiving slightly more than a third of the popular vote constitutes a “mandate” to do entirely as he pleases, to ignore parliamentary traditions, and to call anyone who disagrees with him a “traitor”. Mr. Harper does not understand that he is a Prime Minister, not a President and not a King. He is a coward and a weakling, who has lost the confidence of the House but refuses to face the consequences. He is not worthy of the legacy of the Progressive Conservative Party, nor the Reform Party; and certainly not the mantle of Prime Minister of Canada.

The Governor-General’s decision to prorogue Parliament is simply despicable. I am almost at a loss for the words needed to adequately describe this decision. It represents an entirely unreasonable interference by the Crown in the democratic operations of the government of this country. Mr. Harper’s government clearly did not have the confidence of the House; for the Governor-General to allow him to suspend Parliament for a month and a half despite this fact demonstrates that she either does not understand how, or simply does not care, to do her job in a responsible manner. Her Majesty deserves better.

I urge you, as my member of Parliament, to continue to work with the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Québécois to bring forward a government that represents the will of the majority of the electorate. The proposed coalition is a sensible response to the divisions that exist within the House and within the country. It is a fundamentally Canadian solution to a political problem, rather than Mr. Harper’s American-inspired divide-and-conquer politics. The foolishness of the Governor-General and the panic of Mr. Harper and his cronies are not sufficient reason to drive the country into yet another pointless and expensive election campaign in the spring of 2009. They are certainly not sufficient reason for the Liberal Party to, as they did in the previous Parliament, cave to Mr. Harper’s every whim.

Please understand that if this Coalition falters, I will hold you personally responsible and will work to my utmost to defeat you and your party in the next federal election.


Adam Rawlings
Willowdale, Ontario

CC: Jack Layton
Stéphane Dion
Gilles Duceppe
Stephen Harper

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Martha Hall Findlay said...

Hi Adam,

I first have a big apology, to everyone writing in----I haven’t been nearly good enough at responding to all the contacts, letters, etc. It hasn’t been for lack of appreciation, or of desire to write back. It has just been so frightfully busy. The current economic issues are key right now and in addition we have to deal with the games Mr. Harper is playing. I assure you I am working with caucus to do everything we can to keep the well being of Canadians as first priority and to ensure the voice is heard of the two thirds of Canadians who did not vote for a Conservative.

I also want to thank you for writing this letter, and I encourage you to continue writing. Write a letter to the editor or phone a radio call-in program. Keep up the online engagement (you can also follow me on Twitter: or add me as a friend of Facebook). Let everyone know you have lost confidence in this government.

So again, thank you!

Martha Hall Findlay
M.P. Willowdale