Thursday, December 04, 2008

I get letters.

My letter here.

The reply arrived today.
Reg: Your university strike

Dear Mr. Rawlings,

Thank you for the email regarding York University strike.
Please note that the employer and the union are responsible for
resolving their differences at the bargaining table.
It is the responsibility of the employer and the union to make every
effort to conclude new collective agreements (technically there are
three agreements being negotiated).
Mediator has been assisting the employer and the union at the bargaining
He continues to remain in contact with the parties with a view to
getting them back to the bargaining table when the circumstances
I have read your email carefully and will pass your concerns about Bill
135 to the government.

Thank you once again for sharing your views,

Yours truly,

Office of David Zimmer M.P.P

Memo to Zimmer: Generally, when writing emails from notes, it's a good plan to turn those notes into complete sentences.

But, on the whole, cheering news. The position of the Liberal government seems to be what it should be: hands off.

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