Friday, December 05, 2008

I get... comments?

Martha Hall Findlay has found my blog, and replied to my original letter (hyar) in a comment hyar. Apparently, some Liberals are still serious about the coalition. You may also want to look at her Twitter feed -- the general tone is of deep discontent with King Harper.

Am I cheered? Slightly. Am I satisfied? Not in the least. We've all been sold down the river by the Liberal Party of Canada before (in the last Parliament). But the signs are thus far good.


Anonymous said...

Harper shutdown democracy so the coalition couldn't bring in a stimulus package. So now you might lose your job but Harper will keep his!

Martha Hall Findlay said...

Again I need to thank you. Your engagement is fantastic and it is because of people like you that I have created ProjectYV: Your Values. Your Voice. Your Vision.
This weekend we are having a Brainstorming Blitz - What can I and WE do online?
I encourage everyone to check out the event on Facebook and post suggestions there, on Twitter or here on your blog. We need to work together in the best interests of Canadians.
- Martha