Tuesday, November 25, 2008

York slashing services to save money during strike.

York has, reportedly, introduced the following changes:
  1. 1. York shut down its chilled water system to save power/money. The university operates its own internal chilled water system for things like cold rooms, coolers, condensers, etc. They shut this system down and didn't bypass to city water. This caused all of the cold rooms and freezers in a number of buildings to fail, with nasty consequences for research involving live samples.
  2. 2. The university has cut its internet commit. Internet service on campus is subsequently slowed, as well as off-campus email access. (And I'm still paying my fucking tuition.)
  3. 3. Most faculties have now implemented an emergency hiring freeze, and cancelled all tenure-track position searches -- even ones that had already started and been budgeted for. In one instance a hire was already informed he had the position and then had it revoked a few days later. (Classy!)
  4. 4. All departments have been ordered to slash their budgets across the board. Some of which have cancelled planned entrance awards for January admissions.
I'm honestly not sure whether to read these points as York trying to solve whatever minor budget issue they have by prolonging the strike, or York realizing that the strike is having serious financial consequences and they need to save money to keep themselves from serious trouble. If the former, the strike will continue for quite some time; if the latter, the strike may be coming to a conclusion.

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