Monday, November 17, 2008

A modest proposal.

(Well, no, not really "modest".)

Given that York undergrads are busily whining about their education being "ruined" and their being "held hostage", I propose that CUPE 3903 members should consider, in future, advocating only for a reduction in graduate tuition fees, and an increase in undergraduate fees to cover the difference. After all, if undergraduates refuse to recognize that there is common cause here, it seems ridiculous for TAs and contract faculty to continue to suppress their own best interests in favour of the interests of their students.

After all, turnabout is always fair play.


Jeffrey M said...

Don't worry, there are a lot of undergrads who support you :). Me included. I've been out on the lines as well :).


ADHR said...

Well, not me, as such. I'm not in 3903 right now (although I have been in the past, and am supposed to be whenever the Winter term starts). And I know there are undergrads who support the strike. Unfortunately, those who don't are far more vocal about it -- and apparently don't connect the problems York has with large class sizes, ever-increasing tuition, crumbling infrastructure, etc. to the issues that 3903 members are striking about. It all comes back to an admin that doesn't really care about the student experience and doesn't really care about its important teaching faculty.