Saturday, November 08, 2008


I need to stop reading the anti-union nonsense that's floating around, particularly on Facebook. I can take it, somewhat, from undergrads. It basically comes from ignorance, and university is a good place to be to correct that. (Although, the hateful level of the rhetoric comes from nowhere I understand.) But others who should know better, including tenured professors -- that's not even incomprehensible; it's simply repugnant.

And I should stop reading it because there's very little that can be done to reach people like that.


pogge said...

the hateful level of the rhetoric comes from nowhere I understand.

It's part of the media narrative that's been polished and honed for the last thirty years or more. People who have no knowledge of the labour movement or why it began swallow the sound bites and regurgitate them without even noticing. For instance the idea that unions are always corrupt is as pervasive as the phrase "tax burden." Corporations are corrupt too, but that's treated like the exception, not the rule.

ADHR said...

Perhaps. But people aren't automata. So, I don't understand why people are so willing to believe things like "unions are greedy", "unions are outdated", and so on and so forth. It might come from jealousy, I suppose; there's always a lot of complaints about how union members are so well-paid, and how if they had "real jobs" they wouldn't be treated so well. But even then, the lack of regard for others' welfare just perplexes me.

deejay said...

Hi, Adam:

When I read about the strike at York, I thought of you, Googled you (I don't believe I myself have ever been Googled . . . What's it feel like?), and am now supporting you. Keep fighting the good fight.


Don J (former fellow editor of Dr. Michel Lacerte. Remember me?)

ADHR said...

I do indeed remember. I'd heard you left a little while back, presumably to focus on your own educational position.

Current union chatter suggests that things are going to get unpleasant next week... we'll see if anything comes to pass, but I'm reminded of John Stammers at Centennial two years ago. (And, I also recall that whoever struck him got away with it.)