Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Louise Brown needs to go.

Seriously, this is just ridiculously biased. CUPE 3903 and York are finally going back to negotiations on the 27th. And she throws this into the middle of the article:
It invited York officials to resume talks Nov. 13, but discussions broke down in less than two hours after York officials said the union had not made significant changes to its demands.

York is offering a wage hike of 9.25 per cent over three years, a deal it says reflects settlements being signed across a number of sectors. Already York's teaching assistants are the best paid in Canada. CUPE has asked for 11 per cent more over two years.
The first paragraph is a blatant lie, and anyone following the negotiations knows it's a lie. The Union changed several demands, and the University refused to alter its offer. Kinda hard to negotiate in those circumstances. The second paragraph, second sentence, states as fact university spin. Depending on how you count these things, York TAs may not pan out as the "best paid in Canada". Furthermore, she ignores -- probably because she doesn't know -- that CUPE 3903 represents contract faculty as well as TAs, and York contract faculty are far from the top of the payscale in Canada.

I also note York's idiocy here:
But the university's statement asks why the meeting will come a full week after union members at a general meeting gave their bargaining team the go-ahead to revise some of its proposals.

"Given what is at stake for our 50,000 students, this one week delay in getting to the bargaining table does not suggest urgency on the part of the union to reach a negotiated settlement," said the posting.
If they want to settle the strike, maybe they should stop trying to piss the Union off? When negotiations are resuming after two weeks of silence, it's usually a good plan to keep your head down and see what happens.

Unless, of course, you're not serious about settling the strike through any means but back-to-work legislation.

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