Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jesus H. Christ.

If the NDP, Liberals and BQ don't vote this shit down, I'm voting Communist (or possibly Nazi, if I have the option) from here till the end of my days, just to stick it to 'em.

Holy hell, where can we start?

It's been pointed out all over the place that cutting the public financing of political parties, while possibly good policy, is irrelevant to the current economic situation. It's also been painstakingly pointed out -- but clearly not in small enough words for Mister Flaherty -- that selling off government assets of any kind during an economic slowdown is a recipe for disaster.

When it comes to stripping civil servants of the right to strike for a year, not only is there no reason to suppose this will actually save the government money -- for removing the right to strike generally involves mandatory binding arbitration which tends to lead to greater costs than negotiated settlements -- but it's morally abhorrent and illegal under international law. Is this government really so petrified of its own employees that it can't stand the possibility that they might dig in their heels during contract negotiations? Is this what conservatism has become in Canada, a refuge for cowards?

Good lord, this is just pathetic. We're doomed. I'm moving to the US, Obama's at least sane, and sane can always learn how to be principled.


Socially Active said...

Harper is a radical conservative. Which leaves him helpless to fascist influences. Harper's handling of democracy feels like the early rise of fascism.

Sadly a lot more people support Fascism and the hateful propaganda on which it is based than we like to admit.

Fascism is corruption based on lies which start out as half truths and grow into deceit necessary to the gain and maintain power to protect against mythical enemies both within and outside the state. Worst still concentrated conservative media feels a patriotic duty to protect the naive public. Lies are not exposed but added on to, until fascism is embraced and suppresses resisters as internal enemies.

Removing campaign funding combined with Harpers abuse of election spending rules will destroy the ability of political parties to compete fairly. And destroy our democracy and replace it with a system buying votes. Sensible political interests which attract the majority of common people will not win, but rather political interest which make the rich richer will win. If anything the current system does not reward sensible political interests which attract the majority of common people enough.

This is a path to economic and political corruption and national destruction.

HOW MUCH has the private sale of the 407 cost the public through increased travel cost either directly or over crowding the 401?

ADHR said...

Well, not really. He hasn't declared himself leader for life or anything like that. And I tend to think that the remainder of the PC party would not let him go too far down the path to outright fascism. Right now, he still needs the good ol' Tories. Furthermore, the power of the federal government is significantly limited. They can't, for example, make education or health policy, which is where provincial Liberal and NDP (and some Conservative, such as in Nfld.) governments can act as a stopping mechanism.

Removing campaign funding may actually be good policy. The problem is that it's currently irrelevant. The way we elect MPs is far too screwed up for campaign financing laws to make a significant difference. But it's also irrelevant to our current economic situation, which is the deepest problem.

I'm not sure why you're bringing the 407 into it. But, overcrowding on the 401 already existed; it hasn't been improved, but I'm not sure it's been worsened. Additionally, even if the 407 was publicly owned, it would still need to be a toll highway in order to keep it in the shape it currently is. (Indeed, the 400-series as a whole should probably be tolled.)

Sounding the fascist alarm is a bit extreme when it comes to Harper. It's a lot harder to pull off in 21st-century Canada than in 1920's/1930's Germany (the better analogy to any attempt to bring fascism to Canada is probably the failure of Oswald Mosely's fascists in the UK).