Monday, November 10, 2008

It continues....

Is York paying the Toronto Star something? Seriously. See here.

York U. students voice anger online

Alex Cooper
Staff Reporter

... Business student Lyndon Koopmans gave vent to his frustration by starting the York University Anti-Strike group on Facebook. ...

Koopmans said his group aims to take a neutral stance toward the strike and doesn't want to take sides.

The group's mission statement, posted on their website, states: "We hope for a resolution of this dispute that is fair for all parties. However, a work stoppage has severe and unacceptable consequences for York's 50,000 students. Neither a lockout nor a strike is the responsible method for resolving this labour dispute."

Their slogan is "Forced arbitration not a hostage situation."
Yeah... and they aren't taking sides. Give me a fucking break. This is taking the administration's side. They decided to structure their university in such a way that it could not function without TAs and contract faculty. And they decided to shut down classes during the strike. And they decided that binding arbitration -- which, interestingly, is quoted as "forced" here -- was preferable to negotiation.

"We just want forced arbitration and to get back to school," said Catherine Divaris, a final-year kinesiology student who has been vocal online about her opposition to the strike and attended yesterday's meeting.
And fuck everyone else, right, Cathy? Christ, this is just pathetic.

Hey, check out the last paragraph:
Anti-strike groups aren't the only ones being created. Five groups in support of the strikers have been started, including the union's own, Support CUPE 3903 in Bargaining, which has more than 1,600 members.
There's more members of the pro-3903 group, but you wouldn't know that unless you sat through the entire article. (There is a note of a 1500 member group "York Victims", but I know for a fact that this group is populated by a mix of union members and whiny undergrads.)

Somebody remind me why I want to teach these sorts of people....

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