Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, current word is that Schulich (business) international students are already back at classes (or soon will be), and the Osgoode (law) students may be back next week. I think this is hysterical.

For Schulich, it's completely arbitrary: there are other international students facing the same problems across the university. It also means the YUFA members are being asked to cross picket lines, and I don't believe they can be compelled to do that. They probably shouldn't in any event, as they may end up having to teach the same course twice to all the non-international students; and they would also have difficulty marshalling grad student and contract faculty support for themselves when needed.

As for Osgoode, their faculty aren't in YUFA and the current plan is apparently to record the lectures for those students who exercise their right not to cross lines (because that's clearly the same as being taught the course). There are two courses taught by 3903 members that simply won't happen, so I'm not sure how far the program can actually be completed. That said, having dozens more trying to cross the picket lines is going to make traffic jams worse and probably cause further problems with threats and other aggression against picketers.

It's worth noting that trying to hold classes during the strike was one of the major problems in 2000-2001, hence why the Senate decided not to bother this time around. These cracks in the administration's facade suggests to me, first, that they don't really give a crap about the potential consequences for their students' education of crossing picket lines and related disruption; and, second, that the various pieces of the University realize that the upper-level has no particular interest in resolving this strike in a timely fashion.

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