Friday, November 14, 2008

Congratulations, Thornhill...

...your MPP is an ignorant douchebag.

A selection of bullshit:
Thornhill Peter Shurman, Member of Provincial Parliament (Thornhill), has called the CUPE 3903 strike at York University offensive and is demanding that the McGuinty government take immediate action to protect York University students and their academic year.
Like violate the ILO? That kind of immediate action? Then again, he's a Con, so I'm not surprised he considers Canada's international responsibilities somebody else's problem.
“I’m offended as a representative of the constituents who attend York University and whose academic careers are threatened. I am offended as an Ontarian fully aware of the thousands of job losses that our province has sustained and I am offended as a former employer when I hear of the outrageous demands and the apparent lack of good will on the part of the union,” said Shurman. “All these factors should spur the McGuinty government into action. Instead, they’re sitting on the sidelines like a car that’s overstayed the idle limit, polluting Ontario’s air but not contributing in any meaningful way.”
You don't represent me, douchebag; you're not even my MPP. Then again, I'm one of those greedy grad students, so I suppose I don't count? And my academic career doesn't count?

Shurman also fails to note that the Conservative government in Ottawa is at least partially responsible for the problems Ontario is facing. (Everyone remembers Flaherty talking up the dollar and calling Ontario a terrible place to do business, right? And when he cut the GST while everyone with a functioning brain could see the housing bubble was going to burst? Okay, moving on....)

Shurman pointed out that a drawn out strike could have damaging consequences for students who depend on their summer incomes to support them throughout the year, those looking to graduate this year, and students who may have jobs lined up right after graduation.
This one's certainly true. Hence why the university should start bargaining already.

“Should their academic and professional careers suffer because the union wants to gain leverage in the next round of negotiations? Is this government really going to just stand back and allow students to be sacrificed for the sake of a union’s political strategy? What is it about the word ‘responsibility’ that the McGuinty government and CUPE 3903 don’t get?” Shurman asked. “That aside, where else in times like these could you ask for an 11% increase over two years and not be a laughingstock?” he added.
In government?

Does anyone happen to know what the rate of increase of MPP's salaries is? I'm having trouble tracking that information, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't a hell of a lot more than what York is offering TAs and contract faculty.

I'm interested to see, though, that Shurman apparently believes York admin has no responsibilities whatsoever. Or maybe he thinks they understand the word, and it's really just semantic comprehension he's worried about?

Shurman said that while he is disappointed with the McGuinty government not taking a stand to protect more than 50,000 York students, he is not really surprised.

“This government has made a career out of backing away from tough decisions, especially when it comes to saying ‘no’ to spending. They clearly don’t want to risk a confrontation with the union, so they make York University students bear the cost for their lack of backbone.”
And now the wheels come off the bus. Is Shurman seriously suggesting that the province is responsible for whatever agreement gets hammered out between the University and the Union? Oh, for God's sake; would someone please get this man some basic civics lessons? Or a straitjacket. Whichever.

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