Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One more time...

... if you're going to vote "strategically" for a Liberal to avoid the scary, scary Harper, then you're fooling yourself. No, the Liberals aren't fooling you. They've done that before. You're kidding yourself if you think the Liberals are, in any way, a party of the left that cares one whit about actual people. (If your politics happen to align with the Liberals and you would vote for them anyway, I have no quarrel with you at this point.) They are a party of the right, that has no problem in principle with the policies of the Conservative party. They may differ on the details, but they are a conservative (small-c) party.

Furthermore, the only reason "strategic" voting even exists as a concept is because our electoral system is broken. And the Liberals don't care. They have no interest in fixing the problem, because they benefit from it. So, this "strategy" of voting for the Liberals to block the Conservatives really becomes a strategy for the Liberals to create a base.

If you vote Liberal tomorrow, then do it because you think they'd be the best party in government. (I disagree with you, but that's the only reason to do it.) If you vote for any other reason, then you are no more than a patsy of a party that doesn't care about your problems, your principles, or your interests.

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