Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wow. So much for the Liberal party.

It's interesting perusing the Progressive Bloggers aggregator. Everyone's bashing Conservatives -- okay, makes sense. NDP supporters are explaining why Jack's a great possibility for PM, cheering him on. Makes sense, too. Green supporters are doing the same thing for Elizabeth May. Again, quite sensible.

What are Liberal supporters doing? Bashing the NDP. Seriously, I'm just looking down the feed right now, and all I see from Liberal supporters is NDP-bashing. Nothing about why the Liberals are a good choice for voters. Tell me, Libs, do you guys actually have anything good to say about your side? I'm genuinely curious, as I really don't see anything in the Liberal platform to date worth voting for, and I certainly don't see any reason to vote for a milquetoast like Dion. And it strikes me, judging by your actions, that you really believe that, too.

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