Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Liberals are missing.

I saw this over at Scott's place and had to make a point which is being always overlooked. Most Dippers (and, indeed, most Greens) don't consider a Dion government to be better than a Harper government. Neither one is really what they want. So why support Dion over Harper?

Seriously, Liberals, actually make a point which involves why your guy is supposed to be so appealing to the left. I can see why the NDP appeal. I can see why (at least some -- I have suspicions about the party as a whole) Greens appeal. But why the Liberals? They're basically Conservative-lite, and why would any self-respecting leftist vote for that?

Get it through your heads: the NDP are surging and the Liberals are falling because people don't want a Liberal government. Until Liberals can grasp that they are not the natural alternative to the Conservatives, and start making some positive arguments in favour of their party, they will continue to fall. It's not an argument to presume that Liberals are "better" than Conservatives.

(For the record, the governments I'd take, in order: (1) NDP minority, (2) Green minority, (3) I really don't care. Note the lack of majority governments: I would prefer a coalition over a majority any day.)

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