Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are these elections over yet?

I've been listening to the stream of Metallica's Death Magnetic over hyar. Apparently, this is a "return to form", according to various reviews/previews. Seriously? To me, it sounds like they've been listening to Machine Head and took out all the aggression and vicious anger that they bring to everything. (Aside: a Machine Head cover of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" would be awesome.) Or possibly Megadeth circa Youthanasia/Cryptic Writings/Risk (Y'know, the crappy years.)

In short, this is no "return to form". It has none of the rhythmic structure and harmonic complexity you find on Master of Puppets or ...And Justice for All, and none of the stripped-down force of Metallica or Load. (Shut up -- Load's a good album. ReLoad not so much.) From what I hear, they haven't found any new ideas since the mess that was St. Anger. Sad; but not unexpected.


Catelli said...

You... listen... to... Metallica?!?!?!

OK, now I really like you!


ADHR said...

Well, I did listen to Metallica. Until St. Anger stunk up the joint. Right now, I have on my mp3 player (not iPod, as I refuse to get one!)... DevilDriver, Children of Bodom, Face Down, and Dimension Zero. All uplifting, light-hearted frivolity.