Friday, August 01, 2008

Blanket alert!

I'm sorry, but this is just tragic. It's a university, kids -- there's suspicious people everywhere. They're called "students".

Still, I wonder what happened. "General threat"? Godzilla's coming to stomp the crap out of campus?


Catelli said...

Be Aware! Something untoward might happen! (We think)

Let us know if it does.


York Security

ADHR said...


Police have finished their investigation. Resume all your normal activities. Yes, including the suspicious ones that we didn't like the first time.

Catelli said...

Can I leave my backpack under a tree near Administration and walk away from it now?


bigfan2 said...

Godzilla is old hat, man. Anything less than Cloverfield isn't enough to rouse campus police.

ADHR said...

bigfan2: I actually still haven't seen Cloverfield....

Catelli: You could. As long as it doesn't have a homemade battery in it.