Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm not holding my breath.

I don't really care what Prentice's "copyright reform" bill says. If it doesn't include -- and it won't -- measures strengthening fair use provisions and encouraging file-sharing, it's garbage. Copyright, as it currently stands, cannot continue. It will either fall because of mass civil disobedience (what is currently happening), in which case many people who make creative works will end up screwed; or it will fail because government has the foresight to put it out of our misery.

In any event, the Liberal Party of Canada has shown itself unwilling to stop its grand coalition partner from screwing up policy on immigration, climate change, and taxation, just to name a few. Without action on their part, no one else in Parliament has the numbers to stop the Conservatives from passing this bill. So, this bill will likely pass, once it's introduced, and thousands if not millions of Canadians will suddenly be exposed to civil liability from massive multinational corporations.

I was wondering, briefly, if I'd been too harsh on the Liberals as of late. Now, I think I wasn't harsh enough.

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